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“Each day we meet people carrying heavy burdens. We also meet souls dedicated to sharing God’s love. “”Dianne’s Blessings”” shared the story of an ordinary Catholic with a gift for compassion who is on an extraordinary pilgrimage to heaven. Dianne teaches us how to face death with faith, hope, and grace. Dianne believed in a miracle. Her story shares how the miracle she received did not happen to her but to everyone around her. Dianne shows everyone how to put your burden on Christ’s cross and live each day serving others.

“”Dianne’s Blessings”” reflects on ways to help your loved ones with similar burdens. It shares how presence, prayer, and communion inspires peace, joy, and happiness. “”Dianne’s Blessings”” also offers five simple conversations for your loved ones that will ease their sorrows when you pass on.

​Cancer may have changed her life but it did not alter her soul. Dianne never complained or wondered why she had cancer; she was too busy comforting everyone else. Her faith overcame her fears of death and inspired everyone she touched. Dianne changed sorrow to laughter and her story reflects her witty approach to living.”


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